Have You Ever Wondered What The Top Trending Best Betting Apps Out There Are?

Technology on the internet and mobile betting has meant that nearly every bookmaker has their own betting apps for download in the iPhone and IOS app stores. While this is good news for gamblers, in reality it means that app stores is flooded with a multitude of betting apps all offering similar things, making it an entirely new kind of gamble that you will choose and download the right one for you.

Before the internet came along people placed bets by visiting betting shops and bookmakers, or even had to visit the event they were interested in. The arrival of the internet changed all this for ever, with people preferring to stay at home and place bets via their desktops due to the convenience and ease of it. But now, with the advances in technology and our ever increasing busy lifestyles, the most popular way for many people to gamble in one form or another is to do so via apps on smartphones and tablets.

Betting apps have now made things a lot more convenient and allows people to engage on the move. But the question they want to know is which betting apps should they be looking to download to their phone right now?

Below are what we consider to be some the best betting apps out there right now that might be of interest.

Best Betting Apps: Sportsbet

best betting apps sportsbet.

Sportsbet is one of the popular Australian sports betting brands, and it’s only right that they have mobile betting apps for their customers to be able to enjoy gambling on the go or from wherever that is convenient.

The Sportsbet app is available for both Android and iOS devices and instantly gives players access to over 1000 markets. Every sport is covered but the horse racing section stands out. Easy to navigate and with a simple look and feel. It’s a sports betting app not to miss out on.

Best Betting Apps: Unibet Sports Betting

best betting apps Unibet.

Unibet is one of the most established and trusted brands when it comes to sports betting, and their betting app definitely has you covered with whatever sport you’re looking to place bets on. From football to golf, cricket to horse racing, people will never be short of markets.

Not only that, but there are thousands of events that are live streamed to mobile users; and with in-play betting thrown into the mix, the Unibet app has everything you could possibly need when it comes to sports betting.

Best Betting Apps: Sports Betting Vegas Fantasy

best betting apps Sports Betting Vegas Fantasy.

For some people, they love sports betting but they just want to play along for fun, rather than risk losing any real money. Sports Betting Vegas Fantasy certainly provides one of the best sports betting experiences around but without any risk. Players can bets on all the sports that they would expect to find elsewhere and on real life, up to date, sporting events but for the thrill rather than in an attempt at winning money.

It’s a great sports betting app simulator that is perfect for sports fans and betting enthusiasts.

Best Betting Apps: Sportsbook Game Bookie

best betting apps Sportsbook Game  Bookie.

This is another superb app for people looking to enjoy sports betting to its maximum, while not putting any real money on the line. You could say that Sportsbook Game Bookie is one of the first betting apps, when it comes to sports betting simulation; and it’s certainly one of the finest out there. Players can place bets on real life sports in real-time, and even on events that are actually taking place; and build up their in-game currency.

What’s also great about this betting app is the fact players can compete with friends via their favoured social media networks too.

Best Betting Apps: AFL Fantasy

best betting apps AFL Fantasy.

It may not be strictly a sports betting app but AFL Fantasy is something that sports fans in Australia will love. The Australian Football League is hugely popular and this app certainly delivers for those looking to play a simulated version. Players can setup and manage their own teams, as well as leagues while competing head to head against their friends.

The design is great and so is the navigation and with draft mode back, it’s a must have app.

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