Twitter Hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile Is Highlighting The Absurdity Of Gender Stereotypes

Twitter has ignited with people using the hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile to point out a few things about men and masculinity. A lot of it has been targeted at the ridiculous stereotypes used by brands and in marketing when products are aimed at men.

For instance, man size tissues are in the firing line, and shower gels that have super-masculine adverts with sharks and tigers and grrr! Men's stuff can't be seen to be sensitive or emotional, that's women's things.

And the hashtag points out how absurd that notion is, and also shows that people are maybe moving on from those types of tired concepts. The blue for boys, pink for girls dynamic.

It also attacks notions of masculinity where men can't be in touch with their feelings or do things that might be seen by their peers as unmanly—and they're calling bullshit on it.

Of course, some men have seen the hashtag as an attack on their way of life and aren't too happy about it. And have expressed their dissatisfaction by getting angry and abusive. But by doing so, they're just reinforcing the idea that masculinity is perhaps so very fragile.

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