Two Adorable Mountain Lion Cubs Are Found In The Californian Santa Monica Mountains

Mountain lion cubs are cute. Period. And even though they only sit no more than a couple of hours car ride outside of Los Angeles the Santa Monica Mountains are home to a population of mountain lions. Mountain lions who recently welcomed two new cubs into the fold. The cubs were recently discovered by scientists working for the National Park Service.

The two adorable kittens, one male and one female, were found in their den after the biologists were tracking the mother who wears a GPS collar. The mom is named P-19 and her kids have been given equally functional names, P-46 and P-47.

Such practical names can't take away from their blue-eyed adorability though, which you can see in the video above. But while their birth is certainly cause for celebration, life for the mountain lion cubs won't be danger free. Due to the relatively small area they get to roam in, male lions have it particularly tough as they will fight and kill each other for territory.

There are also freeways to contend with, the crossing of which, National Geographic states, is one of the biggest threats to the LA area lions.

But the fact that P-19 is reproducing at all is good news in general for the region's mountain lions. And just look at how damn cute those mountain lion cubs are. You can check out some pics of them below.

mountain lion cubs 01.
mountain lion cubs 02.

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