In The Wake Of The Orlando Shooting Samantha Bee Delivers An Enraged Speech About Gun Control

After the horror of a mass shooting, especially one like the Orlando shooting which is the worst America has ever seen, there are usually two main responses from politicians and late night hosts. One is to offer words of consolidation and warmth to those affected, the other is to rage against how something like that is continually allowed to happen.

The latter is the route Samantha Bee took on her Full Frontal show, and it was a response that stood out because while it was full of fury it also made sense—and the points she makes about gun control are hard to ignore. "Love does not win until we start loving each other enough to fix our f*cking problems." Bee says in the impassioned speech.

She also says that praying for the victims is not enough, people need to start demanding politicians find solutions to America's gun violence problem by putting in place proper gun legislation.

"We can’t constitutionally get rid of all guns, but can’t we get semiautomatic assault rifles out of the hands of civilians?" she fumes. "Sam Bee wants to take your guns away! Yes—the ones that mow down a roomful of people in seconds. Yes, I do want to take those guns away."

After what happened in Orlando, and all the mass shootings that have taken place, it's hard to disagree with her. She notes that love is what people certainly need in these circumstances, but also notes that society needs to do something to ensure it doesn't happen again too.

After all, isn't that the best way to pay respect to the victims?

Another powerful video about gun violence in the wake of the Orlando shooting is one edited by filmmaker and editor Karen X. Cheng. It's called "One gunshot for every life lost in a mass shooting #EndGunViolence." You can watch it below—it's doesn't make for easy listening but, again, it's a message that needs to be heard.

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