Mom Eats Shrooms - 61-Year-Old Woman Gets High On Magic Mushrooms For The First Time

Magic mushrooms, the recreational drug people try at music festivals, while double rainbow spotting at Yosemite National Park, and when making YouTube videos with their mom. Yep, YouTube channel PsychedSubstance, who make videos like Alcohol VS Acid (LSD) Challenge where they compare performing tasks while high on LSD or drunk, have given one of their mom's a gram of shrooms and then filmed her experience.

The mom says she wants to take them to see if it can help her break bad habits, but she's also cautious of not wanting to lose her sanity. Which is fair enough. So she eats the psilocybin-containing psychoactive mushrooms and off she goes on her trip.

After 30 minutes her legs are being twitchy and pulsing, then at 40 minutes she's in fits of laughter. At 50 minutes the paranoia sets in and she doesn't like her son, Adam, filming her.

She then goes through some more typical shroom- stages, visuals behind the eyes, seeing faces on trees, a few internal revelations, some more laughter, and then it's over. All-in-all she has a pretty OK shroom experience.

The one thing stopping it from being truly enjoyable seems to be the fact she's being filmed, which is entirely understandable. "Would you do it again?" asks her son. "No, I wouldn't do it under the scrutiny of the camera, I'd only do it in a crisis and if I needed guidance," she says. "Not under the duress of someone watching you and asking you questions."

It's a fair point and not a bad take and general rule of thumb on when you should do mushrooms, like when you need guidance. And at rock festivals too, obviously. That's mandatory.


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