The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun And Conan Visit A Korean Spa And Get Naked Body Rubs

Conan O'Brien and Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead, shed their clothes and dignity to enjoy an authentic Korean spa day at Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

I say enjoy, but actually it doesn't look like the pair take much pleasure from it—from the scalding hot jacuzzi to sweating in a sauna with senior citizens, to the naked Korean body scrub that looks like some form of torture, it's mostly an endurance test.

There is one salvation though, the clay spa looks nice and relaxing.

Although both men had to put up with the 'delights' of the spa, you have to feel especially sorry for Yeun. He'll forever have an image of Conan's pale pink naked body etched in his mind. Not even the horrors of the zombie apocalypse can compare.


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