Guy Sees What It's Like To Wear High Heels For An Entire Day—Turns Out It's Incredibly Painful

If you are a guy then you've probably spent a bit of time wondering why women constantly moan about how physically painful it is to wear high heels, but still continue to wear them. For a man it makes no sense at all.

I'm sure we've all been in a situation where this subject has arisen and given a supporting nod to the misery of the latest female victim of this self-afflicted situation and then quietly thought to ourselves, "jeez, it can't be as bad as all that. Can it?"

And that's pretty much as far as the male species has taken that thought i reckon, but what if you were curious as to what all the fuss about.

Enter stage-left Brandon Cohen from BroBible who is determined that whatever levels of pain women feel, men can take more and sets out to prove wearing high heels for a day is not big deal. Not big deal at all.

The fool.

You know things are going to be tough for this dude when, right at the very start of the video, he's only just put the heels on and, walking from his room down a hallway to an elevator, he's already complaining about the amount of pain he's in.

From there he's then followed around by a cameraman all day as he teeters about precariously, looking strained, looking tired, and generally looking like he's in a lot of pain. And getting judged an awful lot by the general public.

In conclusion, it turns out wearing high heels is a lot more difficult than he might've imagined.

But a quick peruse of the YouTube comments and it seems he made a rookie mistake.

Women don't start out with such extravagant instruments of torture, you have to start with much smaller, trainer heels that have a wide heel base. Then you work your way up. Duh.


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