Geekfest Of The Day: Watch The Meghan Trainor Parody for Sci-Fi Fans, “All About That Space”

You may or may not have heard Meghan Trainor's song "All About That Bass", depending on how much cave dwelling you do these days. Regardless, comedy YouTubers Creature have created a parody version called "All About That Space" which serves as an open letter to J.J. Abrams asking him not to mess up the new Star Wars movies (of which the first one's title has just been revealed).

The band/comedy group/nerdettes use the decent job (on the first one at least) Abrams did on the Star Trek reboot as a reference point, and they speak the words of fanboys and girls the world over when they uses lyrics like "It is your duty duty to not mess this up /'Cause you run every scifi movie / but that awful RoboCop." The world awaits, JJ.

It seems like it's the week to release Star Wars-inspired "All About That Bass" parodies too, because another one also surfaced called "All About That Base."

And if you're still wondering WTF this is all referencing, listen to Meghan Trainor's original below.

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