OMG! It's The Super Freaky (And Tentacle-y) Music Video For Valentino Khan's 'Deep Down Low'

2015 was a good year for Valentino Khan's song "Deep Down Low," which was played all summer long at festivals and clubs, with some of the biggest DJs around dropping it into their sets. But one thing it didn't have was a music video. 2016 has taken care of that though.

And it's a real freak fest too. Filmed in Tokyo we see a man in a ramen restaurant, but this is no ordinary ramen establishment. Either that or the man is on some serious psychedelics.

Because as he's sitting their other people's faces begin to act like something out of a Picasso painting, their features warping in time with the beat.

Before long a waitress with tentacles for eyes is serving/dancing for him and we're journeying down a woman's gullet where both Skrillex and Valentino Khan make an appearance.

Then we're watching some women with no faces dance and by then any sanity has been left a long way behind.

It's a brilliant video which has perfect synergy with the music and leaves you wondering what drugs you might have accidentally dropped without realizing it.


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