My 2014 Role Model: This Weird Hippy's Wise Words Will Penetrate And Nurture Your Very Soul

It's coming to the end of the year and what better time to look back and reflect on what got you to the point you are at now and the people who had an effect on your life and helped you along the way with their words of wisdom. I think all of us can point our finger at this guy and say that he was there for us when we needed him the most. Or something like that.

When you ask a shirtless, bearded man with bedraggled hair "What is the meaning of life?" you better prepare yourself for an epic response. And this guy delivers spectacularly, intensely shouting about living in a mystery and magic... and NOW!

But the interviewer has only just begun to probe this deep and cosmic being sent to enlighten us all. Listen intently o'earthlings, for he is OUR SAVIOR.

OK, maybe not, it's just that his drugged-to-the-eyeballs enthusiasm combined with the rousing music in the background—all randomly punctuated with fart noises and chicken sounds—is potently infectious stuff. How can you not want this guy to rule the world after watching this?

Life is a paradox, people...it's a mirror of confusion... so THIS, the moment, love, NOW!


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