What's Better A Dog Or An iPhone? These Kids Seem To Be A Bit Confused About Which Is Which

Most of us love our phones, but do we love them the same way we love (or loved) a pet? Probably not. You can't really play fetch with an iPhone. The kids in this video have found that out the hard way, as they attempt to treat various pieces of technology—a laptop, Xbox, iPhone—like you would a pet.

But don't worry, this isn't a sad indictment of young people and the way they've come to cherish their tech so much they're taking them for walks and bathing them like you would a pooch.

It's a reminder that a family dog can be far more rewarding for children than an iPad.

The benefits of dog ownership are manifold, all that exercise, all that reciprocated love, all that face-licking—and summertime is the perfect time to adopt one. Not only do you get to enrich you and your kids' lives, you also help out an animal in need. Everyone's a winner.

"The summer holidays are a fantastic time to introduce a new dog to your family because the kids are around to enjoy those special first months together." says Dogs Trust Chief Executive, Adrian Burder. "It’s time to put down the iPad and walk away from the Xbox and… get a dog."

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