Woman Goes Completely Nuts When Bear Attacks Her Kayak And It Make For Hilarious Viewing

Bear attacks aren't usually something to laugh at, but this is no ordinary bear attack. Nope. For one the bear's attacking an inanimate object, albeit one this woman holds very dearly. And secondly she is giving a hilarious running dialog to the bear, akin to a mother telling a very naughty child to stop misbehaving-like you do to a large dangerous animal.

The amazing (and hilarious) thing though is that the bear seems to know exactly what she's saying and ignoring her every demand to stop. It makes for some classic comedy.

The woman, Mary Maley, was on a solo kayaking trip from Ketchikan, Alaska to Petersburg, Alaska but the bear had other ideas. While she was in her cabin having some lunch, the bear decided to have some lunch of his own, a delicious kayak.

And, in the woman's defense, no one wants to see their only mode of transport get destroyed when they're out in the wilderness alone. But her survival skills might not be completely up to scratch. For one she threatens to pepper spray it in the face, which doesn't really go down well with the bear.

And instead of just going back inside and thanking the nature gods the bear isn't eating her, she begins pleading with the animal, like it can hear her or cares. Crying for it to stop, again and again in the most annoying voice possible, maybe in the hope that she might somehow annoy it so much it will give up and leave.

Mary informs the bear “It’s the end of September--Why are you here? You’re supposed to be asleep.”

And as a last desperate attempt she tells Bear (that's what she calls him by name), "Bear, please stop breaking my things!--It's not even food! It doesn't even taste good!"

But it doesn't. It just carries on regardless.


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