'YouTube: Rewind' Condenses An Entire Year Of Viral Videos Into Six Minutes

It's been quite a year in cat videos and mutant spider-dogs scaring the hell out of people, so YouTube decided to do the decent thing and rounded up all the best viral stars from the masses of content that was uploaded to their site this year and released it as six minute head spinning recap video.

It's the fifth consecutive year they've decided to do a roundup this way, celebrating the people who made the year memorable. The video features Conchita Wurst, Jimmy Kimmel, Girl Voice Guy, Action Movie Kid, and loads more dancing along to the year's pop hits like "Happy," with a remix soundtrack by DJ Earworm.

In fact, it's so crammed full of stars and nods to memes and trending videos that it's hard to not feel dizzy and disorientated by the end of it. You'll need to go stare at a blank white wall to come down from the hyped up mania of it all. That or go lie down in a dark room for a few weeks.


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