Terrifying Friday The 13th Halloween Scare Prank Proves That Camping Can Be Great Fun

Halloween is fast approaching which can mean only one thing, time for us all to laugh at some poor unfortunates horrific expense while the unexpectedly become the victim of a Halloween prank.

You have to wonder why we find so much amusement when we watch someone getting scared to death?

You'll be laughing right from the outset of this video as a guy dressed up as Jason from the Friday the 13th movies scares the crap out of people camping at Rhode Island. It starts with a couple fishing on a lake when—HORROR OF HORRORS!—out pops Jason from beneath the water.

The guy's valiant reaction? To flee the scene at full speed, in the process knocking his girl straight into the water without even flinching. He doesn't even look back to see if she's OK. That alone is worth the admission price, but the other instances are just as much fun too.

I mean, what's not to like (unless you are actually someone camping out in the wilds suddenly face to face with a horror movie icon wielding a huge machete).

Not everyone was as gullible as the people featured in the clip, as the creator of the video explains: "It took us three weeks to film these reactions. Most people just laughed at us and carried about their day."

You have to admit, It was definitely three weeks well spent though.

Friday The 13th Scare Prank

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