10 Ridiculous Smartphone Games For Those That Like Their Gameplay On The Ludicrous Side

Like it or not, in this modern age your smartphone has slowly become a device you cannot bear to be without, for some of us it's like an extra limb that we give constant attention to, reacting to it's various alert noises.

Even when we are sleeping.

But lets face it, we all love smartphone games and there are times when you just want to get engrossed playing a video game while on the move, and there are times when you just want to be amused. Like, ridiculously amused.

Those times call for the types of games that seem more like a joke down the bar between two friends than something someone would actually turn into a game.

But these days people have the means and they have the distribution channels. And look, if Flappy Bird can become an international mega-hit, then anything is possible.

So if you like your games a little over the edge of reality, then here are ten utterly ludicrous, silly, weird, and downright ridiculous games. After all, everyone needs a break from Candy Crush sometimes.


1. Punch A Hipster


If you’re fed up with bushy yet perfectly groomed beards, skinny jeans and poncy shoes, channel your rage at the hipsters that so clearly annoy you. Go on, give ‘em a whack with the game that was obviously born out of the same anger. Basically, pick your smug victim and tap to give him what you know he deserves.


2. Tofu Hunter


Similarly, if you’re tired of preachy vegetarians giving you heat for eating the meat, take it out by going on a hunting trip and blasting creatures to death. Sounds gory and unnecessarily cruel? Not if said creatures are entirely made up of the soya based veggie friendly product that is tofu it isn’t. Track down as many tofu animals as you can to win some prizes, it’s just a pity you can’t stuff them and hang them in your living room like trophies really.


3. Life of Brian Slot


From dead parrots to silly walks, Monty Python was very often the wrong side of normal in its comedy scripting. Aside from their BBC sketch show, they branched out into movies which were equally weird, such as The Holy Grail and The Meaning of Life. But their funniest film was also their most sane, well sort of. Life of Brian, where a hapless chap gets mistaken for the messiah, is one of the funniest films ever and now the inspiration for a great new slots game. Developers Playtech gave birth to these five reels, 30 pay-line slot that has nine bonus features and it’s as ridiculous as you thought it was going to be. Even if you’re not used to playing slot games, weird or otherwise, it is a fun, free and convenient thing to do. Such is the popularity of online casinos, that there are hundreds out there to choose from and all are easily accessible on your mobile. As for this one, it’s not the messiah, it’s a very awesome slot.


4. Pointless Game


OK, so this one comes with the pre-game disclaimer, “This game is pointless!” so you know exactly what you’re going to get. It’s tough to play and quite complicate to explain, but here we go. Put your finger on the screen and keep it there. That’s it. Players are required to do one thing, which is hold their finger on the phone's screen for as long as possible without lifting it. The longer your fingers are on the screen, the higher the number of points you’ll get. It’s what phones were built for.


5. Toilet Treasures


A sort of toiletry take on fishing this one. It’s a game that begs the question, just exactly what is in your u-bend? Well, there is only one way to find out—get right in there, plunger in hand, and scoop out what’s on offer, of which there are 60 bizarre objects to potentially get your hands on, including the legendary golden plunger.


6. Rubby Bird


When you feel maxed out with Pointless Game and want a little more fun in your game, why not graduate to Rubby Bird? A game that’s basically the same but with a touch more keep fit involved. Here you simply keep rubbing the bird. That’s it, just keep rubbing the bird.


7. Pimple Popper


As a kid, you were of course warned not to squeeze the zit or it will leave you scarred for life. Well now you can burst the spots of others in Pimple Popper, a game that embraces the satisfying excitement of a pre-pop meaning you get all the fun of popping pimples without ruining you’re your good looks. Once you pop, you can’t stop.


8. Sausage Legend


If you thought that you were the proud owner of the world’s best sausage, you’d better be prepared to prove it. To do this, you need to whip out your sausage and whack it hard against a stranger’s sausage to become the true sausage legend. Not quite sure what the developers had in mind when they came up with this one. Not sure I want to know either.


9. Pizza Vs. Skeletons


Sticking with food—isn’t it funny how many of these bizarre games are food based?—this is a right royal rumble between skeletons and pizzas, true enemies if ever there were. Playing as a fully customisable pizza on a mission to destroy all skeletons, your journey will take you to epic battle fields such as underwater, ski slopes, buildings and pyramids. Coming next, Vampires Vs. Quiches—well, probably not.


10. Rainbow Tissue Cat


We’ll leave you with Rainbow Tissue Cat, a game were, playing as Mr. Tibbles, you are the cat in title and are blessed with the magical super power of an ability to shoot rainbows out of your bottom. This gift bestowed from the gods will come in handy though as Mr. Tibbles will soon be required to protect his castle from an army of invading woodpeckers. Naturally, in order to reach them, he bounces on piles of toilet paper. As I said, we’ll leave you with this one.

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