13-Year-Old Kid Uses Powerpoint To Convince Parents To Let Him Play GTA 5

Sometimes, in fact most times, it can be hard being a kid and trying to convince your parents that playing video games is a worthwhile use of your time.

Here are the facts--You are young and know nothing, they are old and know everything (even if they don't) and no matter how much you whine about whatever it is you want to do that will be a productive use of your mental concentration, rewarded with some personal enjoyment, that they don't like, you will lose. Period.

The only way to gain a victory is to meet them on their own playing field--So what better way to put forward your video game playing case than by presenting it as you would a business pitch in a Powerpoint presentation.

That's what one entrepreneurial 13-year-old kid did, after telling his parents that he wanted to have a private conversation with them after dinner.

He then stated his case of why he should be allowed to play an 18 certificate game even though he was underage. And it's pretty convincing.

In fact, his parents were so impressed they uploaded it to Reddit to share with the internet. So you see kids, paying attention in school and applying what you have learned for your own personal gain pays off every time.

Here's what he said. And all credit to him, he's better at using Powerpoint than most adults.

01 - 13yo said he wanted to have a private conversation with us after dinner

Always start with a simple opening pitch about what you want to achieve.

02 - YwrJHer

Then move promptly on to your mission statement.

03 - A handy visual to demonstrate his understanding of the wide gap between 13 and 18

List out the problems you need to overcome (with the aid of some pretty bar charts).

04 - Who wants all that disgusting language violence and sex Not him

And then hit home HARD with your solution.

05 - We had a question about step 3

Explain in detail how this will be achieved.

06 - Wow them with graphics

List out all the solutions to the obvious problems before they get a chance to question them.

07 - This is about family fitting in and allowing him to grow as a person

Explain why NOW is the right time for this venture to begin.

08 - He said flat out that he made up this statistic

List out a strong example (with pretty diagrams) about how this will benefit the community.

09 - This is a long-term investment

Start to wrap up your presentation by running the numbers and detailing how much money can be saved.

10 - He prepared 3 different final slides This was if he got a quotyesquot

Finish off with a heartfelt 'thank you' to show how grateful you are for their interest in your proposal.

11 - Final slide 2 if we said we needed to think about it

Leave them with a 'zen-like' statement that will leave them thinking about it, long after yo have left the room.

12 - Final slide 3 if we said no

And finally, a bit of mush and groveling goes a long way.

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