These Adorably Cute Pets Being Adorably Cute With Babies Are Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

Kids plus cute pets equals cuteness overload—you could use videos of the two together as a weapon in war to placate your enemies. "Incoming!" they'd scream before seeing a dog lick a baby clean and then call the whole thing off before going home to Google "cute kids and pets".

There is something adorable about the sight of a baby and the unconditional love of an animal that messes with your brain and probably induces it to release some form of fuzzy chemical into your bloodstream that makes you sink into a huge pillow of contentment.

Which is why your heart will melt away into nothing as you watch the videos below of cute pets. So if you think your heart can take it, cast your eyes over the adorable adorebleness of babies and cute pets together forming bundles of awwww.

1. Bix the pup gives a little girl a tongue bath. Because to Bix she's a member of the pack—and he will love and protect and clean her until we all explode with cuteness.

2. This time a cat decides to give a little baby a tongue bath, cleaning her hair as if it was one of its own. Awwwww.

3. Here's an entire compilation of dogs giving kids kisses. Puppies, babies, kisses—sooo much cute! And germs, lots of germs.

4. And here's a baby having an absolute ball as a mutt niggles it and cuddles it and oh my god it's so cute.

5. This one features not only a baby, but a baby dog too! Can you handle it? It also has The Doors' track "The End" playing rather ominously in the background.

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