An Actual Cat Burglar Is Stealing All Kinds Of Items From Its Neighbors In Portland, Oregon

So you think cats are cute, eh? Not capable of ever doing anything bad or amiss? How could something so adorable be capable of doing wrong? Exactly, i hear some of you say, not cats, they are furry balls of innocence.

Well, if you are foolish enough to believe that i have some rather bad news for you.

A sneaky/clever/'insert-appropriate-word-here' thieving cat has been hard at work, creeping around the Montavilla neighborhood in Portland, Oregon—slying its way into homes and backyards and putting it's furry paws in places it shouldn't to steal various items to then bring back to its owner.

The culprit is called Snorri Sturluson, a two-year-old moggy who has been in the robbing game since it was around six months old.

Items that have caught his fancy include flip flops, toys, towels, garbage, and shoes which seem to be his favorite thing to pilfer. He currently has around six pairs in his collection.

"Every other night or so he brings in something that he's stolen from the neighbors," owner Gabbie Hendel told Fox News 12. "He's pretty proud of the pink flip flops, I think that's the biggest fuss he's made."

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Hendel has been posting the stolen items to Instagram and a community Facebook page to try and return the goods to their rightful owners.

Snorri's kleptomania shows no sign of abating though, so looks like his owner's going to be pretty busy.

If you'd like to follow what must be the cutest thief ever, you can do so on his very own Instagram account.

And don't forget to check out the TV news report on KPTV - FOX 12 below. Does Snorri look sorry for his crimes? I don't think so.


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