America's Love Affair With Guns -- Amy Schumer SNL Sketch Satirizes US Gun Control Policy

It fell to comedian Amy Schumer to host last weekend's Saturday Night Live, and as well as a delivering a great monologue where she joked about Bradley Cooper, babies, and the Kardashians there was also a standout sketch about guns.

It starts like a sentimental PSA about the precious and joyous moments in life—the birth of a baby, family time, going out on a great date. Moments where a gift is perhaps given or a memory shared, and also...guns.

Yep, in amongst the sentimentality everyone receives a gun. The woman on a date, someone out jogging, even the mother about to give birth—all beaming as they're handed a weapon designed to kill. While a voiceover sappily coos, "When things fall apart or it all comes together, they unite us, comfort us, bring us joy, and strength. From first loves to new beginnings, wherever life takes you...guns. We're here to stay."

Schumer is no fan of guns and she's been vocal about it. In July three people were killed by a gunman during a screening of Schumer's film Trainwreck in a cinema in Louisiana.

She spoke out about the need for gun control after it, joining her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer in asking for gun violence to stop.

It makes the skit's mocking tone and satirical message all the more pertinent.


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