Apparently Kid Gets Songified And It's, Apparently, Just As Good As You'd Expect

If you thought the Apparently Kid video was pretty funny, when little Noah Ritter made his live TV debut at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania, then this songified version is going to, apparently, make you very happy.

The Gregory Brothers, who have autotuned viral videos since before the internet existed and all this was fields, have worked their magic on Noah. Apparently.

It's a catchy little jam, if you like that sort of thing. And in case you missed them, a couple of Apparently Kid's interviews post rising to internet glory have been posted below for your entertainment.

And he totally owns, retorting straight off the bat to the TodayNews reporter's comment of "Everyone saw you today?" with "What about the people in Africa? Did the people in Africa see me!" Yeah, what about the people in Africa. Huh? HUH!

And here he is on Good Morning America. A career in broadcasting most surely awaits.

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