Australian Stand-up Comedian Rohan Ganju Is Brilliant At Delivering Hilarious One-Liners

Stand-up comedy has to rate as one of the hardest jobs their is to pull of, Australian stand-up comedian Rohan Ganju can attest to that. You are putting all of your talent on the line in front of a live audience and if they are not amused by your routine then there is nothing you can do about it. Except feel the pain that you are failing at your chosen profession.

Starting off in this game needs nerves of steel and hopefully deliver an act that people laugh at, and probably one of the most difficult things to pull off is a routine that involves you looking nervous and delivering one-liners in a totally deadpan manner. "Lying about your height in person is a great way to demonstrate confidence." This is just one of the many brilliant one-liners that Australian comedian Rohan Ganju delivers in this standup routine.

It was taken from last year's RAW Comedy National Grand Final at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival where the competition was of a very high standard. Rohan says at the beginning of the video that if he could get paid to tell jokes that would be ideal. Well, unless that was another joke, he must surely have fulfilled that ambition by now. Because he is a master at the witty one-liner, delivering them with perfect deadpan timing too.

His performance at the festival earned him a runner-up position in the final, even though he seemed to be reading from prompt cards which, although might be deemed unprofessional, seems to all be part of his act.

This guy's got a talent for succinct and droll jokes, for more on Rohan Ganju check out his Facebook page.

Australian Stand-up Comedian Rohan Ganju 01.

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