Cat Vs. Praying Mantis - Australian Guy Hilariously Commentates The Epic Interspecies Battle

As interspecies battles go this is one for the ages, as the small might of a praying mantis takes on a domestic cat. The fight took place in Brazil as the mantis decides to re-stage the biblical event of David versus Goliath.

The original video is given much improvement though by the narration of Ozzy Man from Ozzy Man Reviews. Because there is no footage on earth that can't be improved by a voiceover of a sweary Australian.

And who doesn't want to hear a praying mantis utter the words, "There's the door, this is my backyard—f*ck off, go dump your bird carcasses elsewhere."

However, Ozzy Man isn't just mindlessly swearing here, well he sort of is just mindlessly swearing, but there's also a narrative to this duel too in amongst all the blue language.

Because towards the end there's some form of reconciliation as the cat reaches out for a truce, suggesting the two of them become crime-fighting partners instead of fighting each other.

And so begins, somewhere, the adventures of Black Cat and Big F*ck Off Mantis.

Coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe no time soon, sadly.


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