The U-Pet Backpak Bubble Window Carrier Turns Pets Into A Space-Traveling Astronauts

If there's one thing cats hate doing it's being carried anywhere in a carrier cage. Anyone who's ever tried to get a cat to the vets in one will have the scars that attest to that. So, how about carting them around in a backpack with a bubble window? The kind that makes them look like they are traveling in a spaceship.

Yep, it's time to transform your cat into an astronaut (or cat-o-naught if you want to start a new trend) and carry them around like they are getting ready for the next space adventure in one of the coolest cat-carriers you are ever likely to see. They are out of this world.

U-pet have created a range of backpacks and crossbody bags which feature a half sphere bubble window, so you can put your pet inside and they can peer out at the world, watching as you walk along the street getting strange looks. Or you can change it to a gauze if they're getting freaked out getting stared at. It also has a pet bed so they can snooze when they want.

It's not just for cats either, not according to the promotional pictures which also feature a dog (a small dog) and a hamster. But hey, you could put a turtle in there, or maybe a pet snake.

Because although cats love nothing more than starring out of windows and watching the world go by, it shouldn't just be limited to them. This revolution in pet-carrying should be for all domesticated small animals!

You can check out some designs below, they're about $99 to buy, and head to U-pet's website for more info.


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