To The Batcave! Batman Drives People Around In A Lamborghini Aventador In An Epic Uber Prank

Borrowing a friend's Lamborghini Aventador YouTube prankster JoshPalerLin donned a Batman costume and set about giving Uber users the ride of their life. Well, at least the best Uber ride they'd had that week.

Because who wouldn't want their Uber driver to be the Dark Knight, turning up in an appropriately black supercar—Josh even put on the gruff voice too.

The riders for their part were expecting a Prius so you can only imagine they were pretty stoked to not only get a Lamborghini, but for it to be driven by one of the most famous superheroes there is.

It did mean Josh had to wear that outfit all day, and if there was anyone who wasn't really into Batman, or vehemently hated him, it might cause some trouble.

But fortunately there wasn't, because the Joker doesn't use Uber.

Either way it looks like a lot of fun, apart from when one passenger had to endure a "batfart", not that the pretty black girl who was in the car at the time seemed to notice, she spent most of the time during the taxi ride on Snapchat to her friends.

As one amazed Youtuber commented, "You're in a Lamborghini with batman and all you're doing is taking snapchats the whole ride. What are you doing?" - What indeed.

For anyone who uses Uber getting picked up and riding around in a Lamborghini by Batman is certainly better than getting taxied around in a Prius which that do-gooder Superman would probably drive.


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