Beauty Vlogger Challenges Herself To Do Entire Full Face Look Using Only Kids' Makeup

Making yourself look good doesn't come cheap, in fact makeup and beauty products are notoriously expensive. Kids makeup on the other hand is much more affordable in comparison. Using this as a starting point beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials sets about creating an entire look using makeup aimed at five year olds.

It's not just the actual makeup either, but Nikkie even uses kiddie brushes and other tools to apply it. It's not easy, as she readily admits, in fact it's rather difficult but Nikkie struggles onwards and comes out with a kind of Disney princess-inspired look. She even *gasp* compliments some of the products.

Obviously Nikkie is an accomplished makeup applier so not everyone is going to be able to get results like this.

As she says on some of the applications she tries out."if you are proud of your skin texture, don't use this as you won't be proud of your skin texture anymore." - It's a definite 'no pain, no gain' challenge.

Still, other vloggers and bloggers have taken up the challenge, MakeUpByPita originated it uploading her attempt last year. YouTubers ElevethGorgeous did it last week using makeup purchased just from a toy store, while Elana Rose did the challenge by borrowing her kids makeup.

You can try it yourself and upload the results—if you dare.

Check out some of the other results of the Full Face Using Only Children's Makeup Challenge from various beauty bloggers below.

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