Bizarre British Anti-Drunk Driving PSA Shows ER Staff Singing Kool & The Gang To Crash Victim

There's hard hitting messages and then there's British PSAs dissuading people from being dumbasses and going out drinking then driving home. And they certainly know how to capture your attention.

This particular video features a horrific crash and the devastating aftermath, from firefighters cutting the drivers out, to emergency medical services administering CPR to ER staff trying to save them. To, finally, the police turning up at the driver's home to deliver the bad news to their family.

OK, so far so depressing. But what makes this extra weird is the fact that while this is going on the firefighters, cops, and medical staff are all singing along to Kool & The Gang's track "Celebration."

It's a strange juxtaposition, but that's kind of the point. Although lets just be clear here, if you DO get into a car accident in the UK don't expect the emergency services to start singing to you. That would just be odd.


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