The Social Apocalypse - People Play A Real-Life First Person Zombie Shooter On Chatroulette

There's probably been plenty of times where you've taken down the zombie hordes in a video game, but how would you react if what was happening on the other side of the screen was for real? That's what these Chatrouletters were confronted with as they browsed around trying to avoid exposed schlongs.

It was all part of a stunt by UK production studio Realm Pictures, who created a live-action zombie apocalypse first person shooter in a backyard. As random strangers searched for the next person they wanted to video chat with on Chatroulette (and also Skype and Omegle) they were confronted with a FPS scenario, a guy in a derelict church asking for their help.

They then had to take control of the situation using voice commands, helping the character to escape tricky situations or mow down zombies and generally survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

It looks like a whole bunch of fun, and it's also fun to see how different people reacted to the various problems.

If you want to see how Real Pictures did it all, check out the video below.

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