That Incredible Real-Life First Person Shooter On Chatroulette Is Back—With Level 2

A while back a UK production company called Realm Pictures created a live-action first person shooter using Chatroulette. If you happened to be someone who frequents that website you were in for a real surprise.

As people were looking for someone to chat with they were instead suddenly immersed within an FPS game set within some kind of amazing and terrible zombie apocalypse. That was level 1.

Now Realm Pictures are back to alarm and enthral Chatrouletters with a brand new level. Level 2 takes place in a different setting, the action this time is located to an infected alien ship in deep space.

Chatrouletters need to escape while avoid being contaminated. So game on.

It's no surprise Realm have created a follow up, not only did the original look like a lot of fun for those involved, but the video showcasing it was a huge viral success too. It currently has over 8 million views on YouTube.

You can check out how they made the incredible Level 2 below.

And if you'd like to help fund Level 3, you can contribute here--Lets make it happen people.

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