'Blind Devotion'—A Film About Unconditional Love That's Guaranteed To Turn On Your Tear Ducts

Make sure you've got a box of tissues to hand, because you're going to need lots of them for this short film about the triumph of love over all. It's a heartfelt tale about marriage and the trials and struggles that two people in love must sometimes face.

The film was made by the Jubilee Project in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan. Called Blind Devotion it's full of emotion as the touching story explores the devotion between a husband and his wife as they face a huge challenge to their relationship.

As the wife begins to loose her sight, the bond between the pair is tested to its limits—but their commitment to one another and their unconditional love helps them overcome this unseen tragedy. LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

It's a wonderful heartfelt film that will totally mess with your emotions as you ride an emotional roller-coaster that will make you experience moments of tears and joy.

As one YouTube commenter said, "omg. Im a 24yrs old male.. im crying like a bitch.. QQ"


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