This Blindfolded Limbo Prank Is More Hilarious Than It Really Should Be

We all know what limboing is, the Trinidadian dance where you shuffle beneath a horizontal bar with your back to the floor, trying to move your whole body under it without falling over and looking like an idiot.

Well, the trick behind the limbo prank in this video is to make people look like idiots whether they fall over or not. Norwegian comedy show Karl Johan took to the streets of Norway's capital Oslo and asked people if they wanted to limbo.

Of course, people took up the challenge and then selected how low they wanted the bar to be. But before they started their limboing they were blindfolded—at which point the limbo stick is taken away and the people are left there to shuffle forwards like a blindfolded zombie, completely unaware that the bar has been removed.

Cue random strangers stopping to laugh at these poor fools. Sure, it's simple silly humor, but try not to raise a smile as you watch them doing their best undead impressions.


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