Guy Cruelly Pranks His Mom By Pretending To Get Arrested While Driving Her To Lunch

In light of all the negative attitude towards the police in the news recently US no mother wants to see her son getting handcuffed and tasered by the police for "hitting" a cyclist while driving her to lunch, which is probably exactly why the Russian prankster who runs VitalyzdTv decided it would make for an entertaining prank.

And it sure does, if rather cruel to play on your own mother. Just in case it isn't enough for a parent to see their child lying restrained on the floor, he makes sure the policeman tasers him too.

But just at the point when the mom's shouting "I'M GONNA SUE YOUR ASS!" at the police and probably on her way to getting arrested too, the son reveals it's all just a prank. Ho. Ho.

Have kids they said. They'll enrich your life they said.