'Don't Drink And Drive' - Carlton Draught Beer Commercial Is A Hollywood Car Chase But With Beer

Can anything come between a guy and his beer? The short answer is try taking one off him. The long answer might be this advert for Carlton Draught Beer, which is three years old but is still as funny as it was back in 2012.

It features a group of slacker bank robbers who go to the bar to order a cold one after a hard day's heist, only to discover the bar they picked happens to be full of cops.

Cue an epic chase of Hollywood movie standards (sans cars) as the guys take their beers with them (never leave a beer behind) as they confront all kinds of obstacles—while also not managing to spill a drop.

So no, nothing can come between a man and his beer -- And remember, be responsible, don't drink and drive ........you might spill it


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