'Cavemen Economics' Hilariously Witnesses Two Cavemen Create The World's First Financial System

The history of banking and lending go way back, back before money when grain loans would be made by merchants of the ancient world to farmers and traders. But perhaps it goes back even further, to cave men.

At least that's what happens in this hilarious—and strangely thought-provoking—sketch from Australian comedians Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nicholas Boshier, who star together in the Australian hit TV comedy series Soul Mates where this taken is from.

It features the two as cavemen who through a transaction involving grapes and a kick in the nuts accidentally invent the world's first form of currency—a currency based on shells and kicking people in the nuts. One shell equals one kick in the nuts.

Then, from this one debt, this one kick in the nuts to be taken at a later date, an entire financial system is born.

And so the cave men and women of the tribe trade shells for material goods, effectively trading indebted nut-kicks, until one day the people demand more shells. And there aren't any.

That's when it all starts to come crumbling down, because if the people can't get their shells then they want their nut-kicks. And a tribal nut-kick meltdown ensues.

If you thinl about it, nothing much has really changed in the financial sector since this was invented.


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