Jon Lajoie's 'Dating Service Commercial' Is The Perfect Spoof On The Horrors Of Online Dating

Being in a relationship is something a lot of us want, especially if you are single, lonely and feeling like there is something missing in your life (like a relationship, maybe?), it seems like it's the missing piece of our social jigsaw puzzle, something we'd go to any lengths to find.

But beware, the more you watch those cheesy dating commercials with that happy-smiley music and those happy-ever-after endings you are on a fast-track to building up a fantasy that this will happen to you if you pay the subscription fee and sign up. Yeah, right.

Lets be realistic here, online dating commercials aren't honest because if they were, no one would want to go out on a date. But it would make for a much more entertaining bunch of videos to watch, hearing all the grisly details of dates gone wrong.

Which is exactly how Jon Lajoie's Dating Service Commercial plays out, and it's downright hilarious even though it's kind of unrealistic. I mean, who hasn't heard of the movie Robocop? That's just ridiculous.

It does have a happy(ish) ending though, and goes to show that alcohol can mask over any differences and bring two people together, for better or worse. Mainly for worse.


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