Kung Fury's Hackerman Shows How To Hack Time Like A Pro—You Just Need The Right Equipment

Like the rest of the internet you probably watched Kung Fury when it hit the web last week. It's an insane 80s-style action comedy cop pastiche that truly is epic. One of its heroes was Hackerman (Leopold Nilsson) who hacked time so Kung Fury could battle evil Nazis.

Which makes him the perfect candidate to teach us how to hack household objects to travel back and forth in time. "First of all you need a lot of RAM," he explains, "at least 256 kilobytes." That's a hell-of-a-lot of memory, does it even exist yet? Whoah there Hackerman. Whoah. There.

He's also full of thoughtful insights into the ethics of hacking and the hacker mind like, "Remember, with great processing power comes great responsibility." Wise.

In fact, it's hard to not come away from this video feeling like you haven't just become a master of hacking and a general badass. The only downside is the realisation that you'll never, ever, be as cool as Hackerman.

For the cave-dwellers among you, you can check out the Kung Fury featurette below.

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