Tell The Modern World To F*ck Right Off With This Excellent Guided Meditation Video

Guided mediation is usually the sort of thing Deepak Chopra readers listen to sitting lotus-position on the floor while trying to find their inner smugness. You know the kind of person (don't be offended if you 'are' that kind of person, we don't mean you. Honest), unlike yourself nothing seems to bother them. Bastards.

For the rest of us mere-mortals the act of discipline involved to reach that higher (smug) plane is a little bit difficult to reach for if you just happen to have a job, horrible boss, a house, kids, car, mortgage, bills, loans, more bills, in fact anything else that keeps you awake with anxiety at night.

But filmmaker Jason Headley has come up with a guided meditation video for the modern world with a mantra that fits perfectly into our busy life and a belief that we can all get behind.

Called F*ck That: A Guided Meditation it's full of hilariously honest ways for dealing with the harsh realities of the world we live in. Listen to it before you head to the office, listen to it at the office, listen to it when you get back from the office. It's that good.

"If your thoughts drift to the three-ringed sh*t show of your life, bring your attention back to your breathing,” says the reassuring voice. "And with each breath, feel your body saying: ‘F*ck that.'"



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