If You Facebook Stalk Your More Successful Friends, Then This Is Definitely The Anthem For You

Facebook stalking is nothing to be ashamed about, we all do it, lets not try to pretend otherwise, you're living in denial if you insist you don't. Admitting to the addiction is the first step on the long road towards recovery.

And now, comedian Pat Regan's created a song for that most common of addictive social media habits, "Facebook stalking your friends who are more successful than you. "

Damn them.

For me that's pretty much everyone I know, so I spend all my time just staring at other people's profiles with longing and regret, envy, hatred and resentment boiling to the surface.

The only solace I have is that I know other people do exactly the same thing. And now we have an anthem!

Regan points out a comforting truth in his song too—the fact that, while these people may APPEAR to be having a better life than you, what you're seeing is just a lie propagated by them.

The reality: they're just as miserable and hateful and bitter as you. Except of course they are a lot more successful and richer-but don't let those insignificant little facts depress you,

Just remember, letting go of that deep rooted resentment is the path to recovery.


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