Crowded Planet: Comedian Bill Burr Has A Great Solution For Overpopulation And Mediocre People

The earth currently has over seven billion people living on it, and that's going to grow until at some point the earth is just not going to be able to support everyone. So what are the solutions?

Comedian Bill Burr has thought of some, which he happily delivers in this hilarious standup routine from his Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This 2008 special. It basically amounts to telling people to stop making the beast with two backs, which would be a start.

But it's not just overpopulation that winds Burr up, it's also the fact that most people will grow up to become mediocre idiots. The sort of people that drive an SUV that doesn't pull out far enough into the intersection.

So maybe, he ponders, we should make babies illegal for the next 25 years or so to let things settle down. OK so it might not make for the most democratic of policies, but it makes for very funny standup.

And if you were wondering what Burr's ideal population count would be. It's 30,000 people. That way everyone in the world would get to go to the Superbowl. Hell, some us us would even be playing in it.

And just think of how easy the drive home after would be on the freeway with so few cars around, it would be bliss. It's like he says, "it's all about eliminating people, but no one has to die."

You can't argue with that logic.


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