Watch Comedian Bo Burnham's Hilarious Takedown Performance Of Stadium-Style Country Music

Bo Burnham's latest comedy special recently premiered on Netflix, called Make Happy it was his second for the subscription service and it featured a biting, but very funny takedown of modern country music.

Right back to his days as a YouTube comedian, Burnham has treated the entertainment industry with skepticism and his song taking down what he calls "stadium country music" is no different.

He starts by defending country music as a genre, “I think country music gets a bad rep,” he says. “You know, why is it that when Bruce Springsteen sings about a fucking turnpike it is art, and then when someone sings about a horse, it’s dumb inherently?"

He loves Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, the type of country music that tells a story and is what he calls honest. It's the Keith Urban type of country music that he detests, the cookie cutter songs full of cliches that are written by millionaires pretending they're working class guys driving pickup trucks.

These musicians don't have interesting stories to tell, Burnhams says, they just fill their music with the same old tired phrases and buzzwords—blue jeans, cold beer, fields—to pander to their audience.

Burnham then goes on to perform his own very funny parody of this particularly soulless style of country, providing the perfect takedown of the type of music that sounds like it was made by an ad agency rather than an actual musician.

Actually it's a pretty catchy song.


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