Compilation of The Funniest And Most Embarrassing News Bloopers From August 2015

One thing you can always be sure of is that when it comes to reporting the news you can always trust it will be conducted on a calm and professional manner, stating the facts as they are and an absence of personal biased opinion. It's an industry standard that makes you feel that all is right with the world when it comes to order.

At least that's how is should be, but sometimes life finds a way of changing that.

If you've had just about enough of the Kardashians being in the news every other day for non-stories, then you'll find a kindred spirit in the newsman around the 6:49 mark in this video. His on-air meltdown about the celeb family will have you rising from your chair and cheering in agreement.

Other awkward moments for news anchors include a guy making a Uranus joke that went down like a lead balloon, and a female anchor caught combing her hair and making some last minute adjustments when the live camera cuts to her. But to her credit, she handles it like a true pro by just completely ignoring it ever happened.

There's also a streaker, a guy pretending to type on a non-existent iPad, a fake presidential candidate called Deez Nuts (vote Nuts!), and the obligatory dropping an f-bomb while interviewing a guest.


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