Watch A Compilation Of Hilarious Fails Involving Remote-Controlled Cars, Drones, And Planes

The big kid inside us always gets mega-excited the moment someone has a remote-controlled vehicle, be it a car, plane, or drone. But that enthusiasm to take it outside and play around with it can sometimes be misguided.

Because, for every time someone's gliding an RC plane through the air like an eagle, there's ten people crashing it into their friend's heads/the ground/a nearby body of water/anything at all.

And it's those times that are collected here so you can snort with laughter and indulge in some schadenfreude.

Because nothing's quite as humorous as watching a drone worth thousands of dollars flying into the side of a rock face, or an RC helicopter getting taken down by the family dog.

Laugh your way through this compilation of drone disasters and keep a special eye of for the wedding drone fail and after you've finished laughing, ask yourself, "what the hell was everyone thinking?".

Drones. Responsible for making people look even more stupid than they already are.


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