Conan Demonstrates That Google's Self-Driving Car Still Has A Few Bugs

Only recently Google released a video showing off the prototype of their self-driving car. It gave us a glimpse of a future where drivers are replaced by sensors and cars look like cute, little Pixar creations with faces on—and everyone drives at 25 mph.

But while the cars ability to drive on its own was impressive, not everyone feels totally comfortable giving up complete control to a computer system. Computer systems that could suffer glitches and turn into evil, possessed cars intent on destroying us all.

Conan O'Brien is someone who feels this way, and he re-edited the original footage uploaded by Google with a dash or two of humor thrown in to demonstrate some concerns people might have. Concerns like what happens if it explodes, or the sensors go faulty and start mowing down innocent kittens with a vengeance?

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