Cuddly Cats Cole and Marmalade Cause Some Feline Festive Mischief In 'The Night Before Catmas'

By now you've no doubt got your Christmas tree up and the decorations on. And if you have pets, especially cats, you probably had to fight them off at every turn.

If they're not attempting to climb the damn thing, they're playing with the baubles and tinsel and making as much mess as they can. It's almost as if Christmas isn't really Christmas unless they succeed in bringing the tree tumbling down at least once. It's just what cats do.

The one consolation is that you're not alone in your pain, everyone who has feline friends living with them has this problem. For them this is what is referred to as Catmus.

Just take a look at internet celebrity cats Cole and Marmalade, who in this video are making it as difficult as possible for their human to put up the tree.

From climbing up the branches to chewing the decorations, batting the lights with their feet, or sitting in the boxing where you store the wrapping paper, they're pure troublemakers.

Adorable troublemakers, that is.


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