Tips On How To Avoid Death - Dark Animation Details Everything That Will Kill You From A to Z

You can't peruse the health section of any news site without coming across an article telling you what to avoid or what to do to stave off death just a little longer. Because pretty much anything, it seems, will kill us.

And don't even attempt to check your symptoms on any of those online doctor websites that will confirm that you have a nasty terminal disease just because you have a bit of a sore throat or a case of the sniffles and were checking to see if you might have a cold. Those places are to be avoided at all costs.

Playing on this fact is CollegeHumor's dark animation narrated by a poetic Grim Reaper which takes us through an A to Z of everyday things—fried food, gluten, even kale and going outdoors—that will have to be avoided if you really don't want to come to any harm.

But as morbid as it might seem, it's a great reminder that you might as well enjoy life while you can. Because, as Bob Dylan remarks, "he not busy being born is busy dying."


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