OMG! Is That Nicki Minaj? Well--Not Exactly, But She Can Do A Backflip And Count To Six

Online dating can be a minefield, but the idea is there's always someone out there no matter who you are. And maybe that someone is Sh*thead here, who can do all manner of things and has superhuman capabilities—like she's never been hungry.

Actually, this is the kind of video that could put you off online dating forever. It could put you off dating forever, period. It comes from that weird part of the internet that you tend to stay away from.

Fortunately Sh*thead isn't real (at least, I hope not) but is instead a strange creation for a very catchy but very f*cking weird song by Thanks, Computer! -- It would actually make a great ring-tone for your smartphone.

Here's a sample of what to expect. "I'm Sh*thead and I walk like this. I'm Sh*thead and I dance like this. I'm Sh*thead and I can only count to 6." Be afraid.


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