Saturday Night Fever Russian-Style Is Absolutely Hilarious And Involves A LOT Of Vodka

It's no secret that the Russians love their vodka, and if they drink enough of it they'll find themselves staggering around the streets barely able to support their own body weight. Hey, we've all been there.

It's true, every Saturday night we go there. You just happened to be too drunk to remember it.

You might go dancing too, just like Travolta cutting some shapes in the iconic scene from Saturday Night Fever.

The drunk Russian guys in this video aren't actually dancing, but if you put the Bee Gees' classic disco track "Staying Alive" over the top of them staggering about, you get some deep fried comedy gold.

Watch in awe as these Travolta-wannabes straddle the fine line between dance moves and drunken zombie walking. It's almost an art-form.

So next time you see a drunk staggering down the street trying to navigate home try and put this soundtrack into your head as they stumble by. it'll brighten up your day.


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