Dubstep Doesn't Get Any Better Than This Awesome Remix Of Sam Sadler's 'Pins and Needles'

If you can muster the memory muscle, cast your mind back three years to 2012. It was in this magical year that Sam Sadler uploaded to YouTube his a cappella dubstep classic "Pins and Needles"—it quickly made Sam a viral star with his "BAHHH WUBWUBWUB" vocal stylings and all out enthusiasm.

And now musicians RIOT has done the necessary thing and turned Sam's a cappella into an actual dubstep song—and it's a thing of beauty.

I challenge you not to enjoy it and not only that, but you'll find yourself unable to control your urge to shout "PINS! WUBWUBWUB NEEDLES!"

Also, here's a thought to put into your mind as you watch and listen to this masterpiece of mash-ups, don't you think that Sam Sadler bears more than a passing resemblance to McLovin's driving license photo from Superbad? What is seen....


And finally, if that wasn't enough, as well a YouTube upload, RIOT's label Play Me Records are actually releasing it as a single too. This story just gets better and better.

So we can all look forward to that. All you'll need after is your very own "Pussay" t-shirt and life will be complete.

You can check out Sam's original version which started it all, below.

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