Enjoy The Unrivalled Thrill Of Racing Your Friends With 'Angry Birds Go!' New Multiplayer Feature

One of the great joys of multiplayer gaming is going head-to-head (or kart-to-kart) with your friends while in the same room. Nothing beats seeing their disappointed face as you come out triumphant.

Then you get to do a little victory dance in front of them, just to gloat a bit more.

Downhill kart racing game Angry Birds Go! (which has sold more units than every Mario Kart game combined) has recently added a new feature called Party Mode. It means two players can battle each other on different devices over a local wi-fi network while in the same location.

It's only two player at the moment but will soon evolve to include group play so you can really start to test those friendships to the limit.

"In trying to make friendly multiplayer happen in our games, there was no question that Angry Birds Go! would be the perfect fit." explains Wilhelm Taht, Head of External Products at Rovio. "Anyone who played console games as a child remembers the excitement when playing with a group of friends. This is our goal with Angry Birds Go!"

And that's exactly what this feature does, home in on that sense of glee and fun you only get when taking on a friend who's breathing the same air—the whoops of joy as you overtake them, the inventive chains of swear words that get emitted in the heat of gameplay, and the sense of satisfaction when you win one back after a losing streak.

To experience party mode first hand, download Angry Birds Go! for iOS or Android.


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