Every Inspirational Video You've Ever Watched Is Summed Up Perfectly In This 'Inspirational Video'

Inspirational videos are an inspiration to, well, not many people really. But that doesn't mean YouTube isn't overflowing with their can-do messages, the fact is they are being pumped out onto the internet faster than you can fill your car up with gasoline.

However, it now seems anyone can become an inspiration-guru, it's as simple as changing your speech pattern and throwing a few on-screen graphics around.

YouTube channel Nacho Punch hilariously dissect and skewer the tropes of these videos in their sketch "Every Inspirational Video Ever" where Peter Gilroy talks importantly about not very much at all.

And the problem is it sounds so uplifting you'll become a believer.

Alas, you'll be gripped, such is the dark art of the inspirational video, where rhyming couplets, ambient music, and shifting graphics act like some kind of hypnosis convincing you of authenticity where there is none. Fo' real.

It's enough to inspire you. Inspire you to go and watch another inspirational video. You fool.


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