If You're A Cat And You Want Life To Be A Whole Lot Easier, Check Out These 'Life Hacks For Cats'

If you have a cat then you know that your feline friend has lots of traits that makes them unique and gives them a personality all of their own, or so you might have thought. Now it seems that the cat world has been sharing life hacks with their own kind in an effort to keep a unified upper-hand over their human serfs.

If you're a cat this video is specially for you, but in case you're having trouble pressing the play button using the computer keyboard, best get your human to start playing it and you can just watch.

And make sure you take notes. Lots of notes.

Spoofing all those "life hack" videos that are meant to make our lives easier but are just a load of cr*p, YouTube channel Sho Ko have done the same, but for felines.

It has lots of helpful tips for cats like "Learn to Open Doors' and "Wake The Human to Feed You" and even looks at the feline pastime of scratching plastic, something us humans will never fully comprehend.

In fact, being a cat owner and looking at all these hacks, my cat does pretty much all of them. Has she been logging onto my laptop when I'm not around?

Is that why my Amazon wishlist is full of catnip toys and tins of tuna?


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